With any activity, practice makes perfect. A Script for That is a game designed to help you master both buyer and seller client interactions by role-playing with proven dialogues and objection-handling techniques. Take on the role of either agent or consumer and work your way through real-life scenarios, memorizing essential scripts as you go. Whether you’ve been in the business for a while or are just starting out, A Script for That can help you reach the next level in your client connection skills.


Realistic scenarios

Detailed Consumer backgrounds and common objections that create authentic client situations

Proven scripts and dialogues

Script books jam-packed with carefully constructed dialogues to prepare you for any circumstance

Multi-level game play

Three mastery levels for agents of any experience level to jump in and work their way up

Couple playing card games together

Ready to become an expert communicator?

Who says real estate has to be all business, all the time? Here at Workman Success, we’re big believers in having fun as you go. So we’ve turned your daily role-play practice into a game! Draw a card, take on your role, and play your way through realistic scenarios that will both entertain and challenge you. The more you play, the more natural the conversations will become. Before long, you’ll be able to navigate any client interaction like a pro. Order A Script for That: Role-Play Kit today!